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Design your own AI recruiters to conduct phone screening and live interviews. Analyze calls, extract info from resume, and more.

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Close Roles While You Sleep. Beat the Competition, Every Time. AI Agents Automate Recruitment from JD Creation to Interviews. Full-Cycle AI Recruitment

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Full-cycle staffing.

Revolutionize recruitment with AI bots: Navigate time zones effortlessly, schedule interviews instantly, engage candidates simultaneously, fast-track screening, and conduct in-depth interviews — all by AI bots.

Flatten timezones
Say goodbye to time zone troubles. Our platform ensures your hiring never sleeps, connecting you with candidates worldwide, anytime.
Instant interview scheduling
Our agents take the wheel on interview scheduling, ensuring candidates are booked instantly without the back-and-forth. Experience seamless coordination, powered by AI.
Parallel Interview Administration
Conduct multiple interviews simultaneously without compromising the quality of interaction. Dramatically increase your throughput and reduce the time to hire.
Immediate pre-screening
Instantly filter candidates with immediate pre-screening, ensuring only the most qualified move forward, saving you valuable time and resources.

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Infer answers from interviews

Custom Question Design.
Tailor your interviews with custom questions that align perfectly with your job requirements. Our flexible platform allows recruiters to craft and sequence questions that pinpoint the exact skills and qualities needed.
Automated Answer Extraction.
Immediately after the interview, our AI analyzes responses and extracts key information. This means no more sifting through notes or audio files—the insights you need are readily available.
Passing Conditions.
Set specific criteria for what constitutes a satisfactory answer, allowing our system to automatically evaluate and score each response. Streamline your decision-making process by focusing only on candidates who meet your predefined standards.
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Reach candidates before competition wakes up.

Respond to client openings in seconds

Mass extraction

Extract information from Resumes

Discover the next level of recruitment efficiency with our sophisticated resume parsing software. Powered by advanced GPT models, our tool is designed to precisely extract and organize critical candidate information from resumes, enabling you to focus on making strategic hiring decisions.

Rapid Data Extraction.
Instantly pull relevant details from resumes, such as educational background, skills, and work experience, reducing the time spent on manual data entry.
Accuracy and Consistency.
Ensure that every piece of data is captured accurately and consistently across all resumes, minimizing errors and discrepancies that can occur with manual processing.
Customizable Schemas.
Tailor the data extraction to meet the specific needs of different job roles. Configure what information is extracted and how it is organized, ensuring relevance and utility for every position.
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Designed for diverse use cases

Scalable phone-screening with StaffAgent

Dynamic Conversation Flow

Change your mind mid-conversation? No problem. Our AI lets you interrupt and pivot the dialogue just like in real life.

Ultra-Responsive Interactions

Enjoy conversations that flow smoothly with just 800ms latency, ensuring your interactions feel as immediate as face-to-face chats.

Flexible Interruptions

Experience seamless interactions with our AI's advanced end-of-turn detection. It's like chatting with a human — intuitive and responsive.

Conversational Nuance

Our AI doesn't just respond; it engages. Back-channeling and conversational cues make interactions feel natural and genuine.

Lifelike Voice Interaction

Engage with AI voices so realistic, they can be personalized to sound like you or anyone else. Experience the next level of voice interaction.

Multilingual Capabilities

Speak their language, literally. StaffAgent.AI supports over 7 languages, making it easy for you to communicate globally without barriers.

Recruiting Autopilot

Intelligent Voice Response

Revolutionizing recruitment,'s Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) system masterfully synthesizes data from resumes, applications, and previous interactions, while intelligently adapting to and remembering candidate preferences. This breakthrough approach delivers an unprecedented level of personalization and efficiency, setting a new standard for the candidate experience.


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